Installing CyanogenMOD 11 on Samsung S4 Mini Dual SIM (i9192)

This is the way I got CyanogenMOD 11 running on Samsung Galaxy S4-Mini (i9192) AKA “serranodsxx”.

First, download these files:

– philz_touch_6.41.6-serranodsxx.tar.gz

Copy and to S4-Mini’s SDCard.

Download and install the “heimdall” program, that will be used to flash the recovery.img into the phone.

Decompress the philz_touch_6.41.6-serranodsxx.tar.gz file to get the recovery.img.

Reboot the phone in recovery mode (turn-off the phone and press/hold HOME + VOL_DOWN + POWER)

Plug the USB cable then press the VOL_UP to start the recovery download.

Execute this command to flash the new recovery:

$ sudo heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img

Wipe Data/Factory/Cache then mount /system /cache /data and format these partitions.

Finally select install zip from SDCard and choose and repeat it to install

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