Month: April 2010

ProFORMA: 3D scanner using ordinary webcam

This is a 3D scanner using ordinary webcam:

The author web site is this:

He promised to release a demo version to Linux and soon a demo for Windows, but he didn’t release nothing until now.


Tips to use wireless chip Marvel 8686

I’m using marvel 8686 chip on my board and I found an useful tips explaining how to get it working on Linux:

Fortunately our engineer place it on SDIO/SPI mux port, then I can use it over SDIO or SPI. “Easy like a sunday morning” (since you didn’t work hard on sunday morning :).


10 dicas para desenvolvimento de aplicacoes para Android

Continuando o post de ontem, neste site voce encontrara’ mais 10 dicas interessantes para evoluir no desenvolvimento de aplicacoes para Android:

Leitura recomendada!


Dicas de como desenvolver jogos para Android

Esta apresentacao possui dicas de como desenvolver jogos para plataforma Android:

Na verdade muitas das dicas podem ser utilizadas no desenvolvimento de quaisquer aplicacoes para Android.


Site with telephone projects

In this site you will find many electronic projects about telephone system:


Software debouncing – a new approach

This article presents a new approach to solve the bouncing issue on switches (mechanical contact) used on microcontrollers.