ProFORMA: 3D scanner using ordinary webcam

This is a 3D scanner using ordinary webcam:

The author web site is this:

He promised to release a demo version to Linux and soon a demo for Windows, but he didn’t release nothing until now.

2 thoughts on “ProFORMA: 3D scanner using ordinary webcam

  1. Vi3Dim have developed a new 3D capture system that could revolutionize the way in which 3D models of real-world objects are created. We have created a first commercial program that able to build 3D models of textured objects in several minutes, using only a standard computer and web-cam. This allows 3D modeling to become accessible to everybody.

  2. Hi Vitaly,

    Nice to know about it. I want to see this kind of technology developed as open-source. Then people could find new applications to it.

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