Sending Pager POCSAG message

I’m using MMDVM as Hat/shield on Raspberry Pi 0 W to send POCSAG message to pager.

Frequency is configured to 433.450.000 and after running MMDVMHost I run:

$ sudo RemoteCommand 7642 page 1000001 “Teste”

On computer with a RTLSDR dongle I run the “gqrx” interface and configure to 433.450.000Hz and enable UDP button:

In other terminal I run this command to decode POCSAT:

$ nc -l -u 7355 | sox -t raw -esigned-integer -b16 -r 48000 – -esigned-integer -b16 -r 22050 -t raw – | multimon-ng -t raw -a SCOPE -a POCSAG512 -a POCSAG1200 -a POCSAG2400 -f alpha –

When the RemoteCommand above is executed on Raspy board I see it:

POCSAG1200: Address: 1000001 Function: 3 Alpha: Test<NUL>


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