How to change video frame rate

I was looking for a way to change the video frame rate from a video that was 15fps and I needed it to be at 30 fps to be in sync to do video editing on Blender

This tip worked fine:

$ mkvmerge --default-duration 0:12fps --fix-bitstream-timing-information 0 original-video.mp4 -o temp-video.mkv
$ ffmpeg -i temp-video.mkv -c:v copy slow-video.mp4


2 thoughts on “How to change video frame rate

  1. I had never before heard of the 18-year old Matroska media container format. I see that you are using the Matroska format as an intermediate step. While I don’t have an immediate need for this, I have bookmarked it in case I need it in the future. Thanks for sharing.

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