Quick search about CO2 emission

I was interested to know about more CO2 emission after reading the BBC post “Why climate lawsuits are surging” https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20211207-the-legal-battle-against-climate-change

I discovered some interesting information:

  1. Industrial activity is not the main source for CO2 or Greenhouse gases, but Aliment/Food production;
  2. Aliment/Food is responsible for 24% of all emissions, industry 21%, transportation 14%, …
  3. All sectors are decreasing the gas emissions, except transportation… It means you and me could help to fix it if we avoid using vehicles powered by gas;
  4. Almost all countries is reducing the CO2 emission, except China
  5. Vehicle normally emit about 50gCO2/km to more than 250gCO2/km. The European target to 2020 was 95gCO2/km.

All these information can be found here:


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