Learning CW (Morse Code) on Linux

I decided to get HAM license and started studying for the exam. The most challenging part is the Morse code test. Hopefully there are some sites and software to make it easier:

I downloaded all the leassons from this guy (K6RAU) :


Unfortunatelly his page is not online anymore, but the Archive saved us!

For Linux there are two known tools:

Text mode: aldo

Graphic mode: xcwcp

For Android there is Morse Mania from morse.countrymania.net

4 thoughts on “Learning CW (Morse Code) on Linux

  1. Welcome aboard. I obtained my amateur radio license in the 1970s. I was only briefly active on HF but, for a while, was pretty active on 2-meters, especially during my work commute. My father was an amateur radio licensee, having obtained his license in the 1920s. I have kept my license current but, alas, I am not active on the air anymore although I have a radio in storage. My mother even obtained a license, mostly to please my father. She only used it to keep in touch with him while he was attending amateur radio license functions.
    There are many side diversions of amateur radio license that you may find interesting.

    1. Hi Celem, yes this is a nice hobby and but as all hobbies it spends our time. I hope you get active eventually again. It is nice to know your mother got the license too, so probably she learned Morse code too, right? This is an area where there are almost no women, I think if there are some, they represent less than 1% of the total.

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