Eclipse remote gdbserver debug error

I was getting this error:

Error during file upload.
Could not write file: /siam/IPController/ipcontroller/Design/firmware/ipcontroller/app/Debug/ipcontroller.
Could not write file: /siam/IPController/ipcontroller/Design/firmware/ipcontroller/app/Debug/ipcontroller.
Could not write file: /siam/IPController/ipcontroller/Design/firmware/ipcontroller/app/Debug/ipcontroller

Searching in the internet I found this thread:

But with no solution.

After many hours debugging it with no progress (because Eclipse doesn’t show what is happening behind the scene), I decided to run gdbserver and gdb manually like I did some years ago:

Then to my surprise the command “arm-linux-gnueabihf-gdb” failed to run reporting that didn’t find “” lib.

Then I installed the right package:

$ sudo apt install libncurses5

And the eclipse worked to debug.

It is strange because I already had the libncurses5-dev package installed.

2 thoughts on “Eclipse remote gdbserver debug error

  1. Hi acassis

    Depending on Linux Distribution and Version, you may also need to install libncurses5 beside libncurses5-dev package to make debugging with Eclispe work.

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