Using Renesas RX63N with JLink on Linux

I want to test NuttX on RX65N but unfortunately I only found a RX63N board here in Brazil. The board is called RX63N RDK IoT Starter Kit and Part No.: YRDKRX63N-AWS

This board come with a Segger JLink embedded on it, so I decided to try JLinkExe program and it was detected correctly:

$ sudo JLinkExe
SEGGER J-Link Commander V6.46h (Compiled Jun 28 2019 17:19:57)
DLL version V6.46h, compiled Jun 28 2019 17:19:50

Connecting to J-Link via USB…O.K.
Firmware: J-Link OB RX6xx V1 compiled Jul 8 2013 19:14:58
Hardware version: V2.10

Type "connect" to establish a target connection, '?' for help
Please specify device / core. : ATSAML21G18
Type '?' for selection dialog
Please specify target interface:
J) JTAG (Default)
Device position in JTAG chain (IRPre,DRPre) : -1,-1 => Auto-detect
Specify target interface speed [kHz]. : 4000 kHz
Device "RX63N" selected.
Connecting to target via JTAG
TotalIRLen = 8, IRPrint = 0x00C1
JTAG chain detection found 1 devices:
#0 Id: 0x1D005447, IRLen: 08, RX63N Core
Found Renesas RX63N device
Debugger authenticated successfully.
Endian: little
RX63N identified.
J-Link>savebin /tmp/upload.bin 0x0
Syntax: savebin , , (hex)
J-Link>savebin /tmp/upload.bin 0 40000
Opening binary file for writing… [/tmp/upload.bin]
Reading 262144 bytes from addr 0x00000000 into file…O.K.

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