Using a chinese ModBus temperature sensor

I’m testing this modbus SHT20 temperature and humidity sensor:

There is not much information about this device at Aliexpress. Fortunately searching for the string XY-MD01 that was in the board returned this Russian web site:

It give a little more detail about the device. Also I found other website that used a different temperature sensor, but the modbus address and protocol is almost the same:

The sample application worked correctly. All I did was to change the modbus_get_response_timeout() to include “&old_response_to_sec, &old_response_to_usec” as it was in the comments and changed the temperature division to: “(tab_rp_bits[0] / 10.0)”.

After some tests I got mbpoll working to read data as well:

$ sudo mbpoll -a 1 -b 9600 -r 2 -t 3 -P none /dev/ttyUSB0

It is nice as the Internet save our soul! I hope this post eventually help other people as well.

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