Learning the new NuttX PPPD/CHAT script

Probably you already know it, but I will reinforce the idea: “Changing is the only constant thing!”

So we need to change and to adapt all the time.

Why am I saying these “non-sense” words? Let me explain…

This is a sample of the old NuttX PPPD/Chat script:

static struct chat_script_s connect_script =
  .timeout = 30,
  .lines =
    {"AT",                                 "OK"},
    {"AT+CGDCONT = 1,\"IP\",\"internet\"", "OK"},
    {"ATD*99***1#",                        "CONNECT"},
    {0, 0}

static struct chat_script_s disconnect_script =
  .timeout = 30,
  .lines =
    {"ATZ",                                "OK"},
    {0, 0}

Very easy to understand, don’t you think? Basically you have the AT command and the expected result.

But it had a drawback, you had a structure with internal parameters fields (i.e. timeout) and AT commands strings.

Now the new script is basically a sequence of string lines, or basically a single string:

static FAR const char connect_script[] =
  "ECHO ON "
  "TIMEOUT 30 "
  "\"\" ATE1 "
  "OK AT+CGDCONT=1,\\\"IP\\\",\\\"internet\\\" "
  "OK ATD*99***1# "
  "CONNECT \\c";

static FAR const char disconnect_script[] =
  "\"\" ATZ "
  "OK \\c";

Unfortunately this is not that simple: we have internal commands: “ECHO”, “TIMEOUT”, etc and AT string commands. And internal commands don’t expect a return string as AT commands do.

So, what should be the expected result string of ATE1 command? If you think it is an empty string “”, using the original script logic, you are wrong. The expect result is in the below line “OK AT+CGDCONT=1…”, yes “ATE1” expects an “OK” that is in the below line.

Same way “ATD*99***1#” doesn’t expect an “OK”, but a “CONNECT” that is in the next line.

It is a little bit complex, it should exist a documentation explaining how it works. At least this post make a brief introduction to this subject.

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