A huddle of electronic modules

I decided to list all the modules on my pile of modules:

QuantityName of the component/moduleDoes it have support on NuttX RTOS?
3Relay moduleYes – normal GPIO
2Analog Microphone module with amplifierYes – normal ADC input
2ADXL345 Accelerometer module (GY-291)Yes – drivers/sensors/adxl345_base.c
2Zero cross detector moduleYes – drivers/sensors/zerocross.c
3GP2Y0AH01K0F distance sensorYes – normal ADC input
4LDR sensor moduleYes – normal ADC input
1MPU9250 moduleCan use: drivers/sensors/mpu60x0.c
34×4 telephone keypad moduleNo
2PS2 joystick moduleYes – drivers/input/ajoystick.c
1VEML6070 UV sensor moduleYes – drivers/sensors/veml6070.c
1W25Q32FVZPIG SPI NOR Flash moduleYes – drivers/mtd/w25.c
1VS1053 Audio MP3 moduleYes – drivers/audio/vs1053.c
8nRF24 2.4GHz moduleYes – drivers/wireless/nrf24l01.c
5MicroSD Card SPI moduleYes – drivers/mmcsd/mmcsd_spi.c
1WS2812 Breakout moduleYes – drivers/leds/ws2812.c
1OV7660 (CF7670C-V2) camera moduleNo
2HMC5883L 3-axis compass (GY-273)No
2HMC5983 3-axis compass module (GY-282)No
2Si1145 UV IR light sensor module (GY1145)No
4BMP280 pressure moduleYes – drivers/sensors/bmp280.c
3MAX485 RS485 module from LC TechnologyYes
1ML8511 Analog UV sensor module (GYML8511)Yes – normal ADC input
2ACS712 Current sensor moduleYes – normal ADC input
2Hall sensor analog module with amplifierYes – drivers/sensors/hall3ph.c
1Tilt module (mercury bulb)Yes – normal GPIO input
1Tilt module with 2 brass capsule/tubeYes – normal GPIO input
3 Rotary Encoder KY-040Yes – drivers/sensors/qencoder.c
210DOF MS5611 HMC5883L MPU6050 module (GY-86)Partial – drivers/sensors/mpu60x0.c
2LM75 temperature sensor module (CJMCU-75)Yes – drivers/sensors/lm75.c
2APDS-9960 Gesture sensor moduleYes – drivers/sensors/apds9960.c
1RDA5807M FM module (RRD-102)No
5SX1509 keypad controller moduleNo
3Laser pointer moduleYes – ordinary GPIO Output
3Reed-switch module with amplifierYes – ordinary GPIO Input
2MQ2 butane sensor module (FC-22)No
1Hall sensor module without amplifier (Keyes no PN)Yes – drivers/sensors/hall3ph.c
2MCP4725 DAC moduleNo
2ADCL335 Analog Accelerometer module (GY-61)Yes – ordinary GPIO Input
2Ra-01 LoRa module 433MHzYes – drivers/wireless/lpwan/sx127x
1TCS34725FN Color Light sensor moduleNo
1BH1750FVI light sensor moduleYes – drivers/sensors/bh1750fvi.c
1MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate SensorNo
2Buzzer module (RobotDyn)Yes – drivers/audio/tone.c
1LSM6DS3 3-axis accelometer gyroscopeYes – drivers/sensors/lsm6dsl.c
1MLX90614 Infrared Thermometer module (GY-906)Yes – drivers/sensors/mlx90614.c
4VL53L0X laser ranging sensor module (GYVL53L0X)Yes – drivers/sensors/vl53l1x.c
5TXB0108 level-shifter module (HW-0108)Don’t Apply
1HTU21 humidity sensor module (GY-21)No
2TEA5767 FM radio module (PL102BC-N)No
1DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor moduleYes – drivers/sensors/dhtxx.c
2Thyristor AC switch 5V logic AC 220V/5A moduleYes – Ordinary GPIO Output
1DS18B20 1-wire temperature probeYes – drivers/sensors/ds18b20.c
1USB Audio IN/OUT moduleNo
1AT24C02B EEPROM moduleYes – drivers/eeprom/i2c_xx24xx.c
5HX711 24-bit ADC Load Cell amplifier moduleNo
1BMP180 barometer sensor module (GY-68)Yes – drivers/sensors/bmp180.c
2QFN chip with this code: 2222 C3H 9L8GSNo ????
5mini joysticks 5-wayYes – drivers/input/djoystick.c
3slide potentiometerYes – ADC Input
33 – photodetectors similar used on mouseYes – Output Input
1voltage regulator module LM2596 DC-DCDon’t Apply
1RTC module DS1302Yes – drivers/timers/ds3231.c
1SIM800 modem moduleYes – pppd
3MAX6675 thermocoupler moduleYes – drivers/sensors/max6675.c
1SI4703 FM Radio ModuleNo
1CDM324 Radar ModuleNo
1ILI9486 LCD ModuleNo – only board sam_ili9488.c
3SN65HVD230 CAN TransceiverYes – w/ any CAN driver
4BNO055 Inertial Navigation ModuleNo
2PT100 sensors probeNo
2ST7735 LCD module with level shifterYes – drivers/lcd/st7735.c
2MAX31865 PT100/PT1000 RTD-to-Digital converterYes – drivers/sensors/max31855.c
4ST7789 LCD DisplayYes – drivers/lcd/st7789.c
4DC Motor control board BOSUNS K-MEN (HG7881CP)Yes – Ordinary GPIO Output
3GY-MAX30102 Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor moduleNo
1SPH0645 I2S MicrophoneNo
2GY-MAX30100 Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor moduleNo
4CJMCU-3001 (OPT3001) Light sensorNo
2INA219 current sensorYes – drivers/sensors/ina219.c
3SHT3x humidity and temperature sensorYes – drivers/sensors/sht3x.c
2CJMCU-1334 UDA1334A I2S stereo audio decoderNo
3Audio recorder/player board ISD1820Don’t Apply
4CJMCU-1X18 (ADS1118) ADC 16-bitNo
1CJMCU-90393 (MLX90393) magnetic sensorYes – drivers/sensors/mlx90393.c
4DAC module SPI 10-bit resolution DAC-5615MINI V3 (TLC5615)No
1Microphone module with MAX9814 ampliflierYes – Ordinary ADC Input
3CJMCU-9911 module AK09911C Geomagnetic Hall Sensor 3-axisYes – drivers/sensors/ak09912.c
40-3V Analog Voltage Gauge (Voltmeter)Yes – Ordinary DAC Output
2Si5351 8KHz – 160MHz frequency generator (CJMCU-5351)No
5ADS7843E resistive touchscreen interfaceYes – drivers/input/ads7843e.c
1Si4463 868MHz moduleNo
1Si4432 433MHz moduleNo
1LAN8720 Ethernet moduleYes
3MS5611 barometer module (GY-63)Yes – drivers/sensors/ms5611.c
3Trackpad of the BlackBerry Curve 8520 8530No
3MCP23017 I2C I/O Expander moduleYes – drivers/ioexpander/mcp23x17.c
3MCP23S17 SPI I/O Expander moduleNo
4ADNS-3080 navigation sensorNo
23.5″ SPI TFT Module ILI9488 320×480 w/ Resistive Touchscreen (MSP3520)No
1e-ink paper 200×200 il3829No
5Magnetic Encoder AS5600No
3SX1262 LoRa moduleYes – Lup Lee github
5TCA9548A I2C MultiplexerYes – drivers/i2c/tca9548a.c
2CJMCU-MS5540C Pressure moduleNo
2MAX31855 Thermocouple-to-Digital ConverterYes – drivers/sensors/max31855.c
5MMA8452 Accelerometer (GY-45)No
1OLED Display SSD1351 (128×128)Yes – drivers/lcd/ssd1351.c
3Ethernet module W5500Yes – drivers/net/w5500.c
2MPR121 keypadNo
1APA102 RGB LED 16×16 MatrixYes – drivers/leds/apa102.c and drivers/lcd/apa102.c
3MAX98357 I2S audio codecYes – default I2S (need double check)
3CS4344 I2S audio codec Yes – drivers/audio/cs4344.c
1SSD1309 128×64 transparent OLED displayYes – drivers/lcd/ssd1306_base.c
2CM108 USB Audio codecNo
1HINK-E075A01 7.5″ E-Ink displayNo
1DESPI-C02 E-Ink epaper 250×122 1.5″No
1PZ-WM8978-MP3 (WM8978 audio codec)No
3GM12864-59N VER:2.0 IIC? – drivers/lcd/st7567.c (SPI only)
3PAJ7620 Gesture SensorNo

6 thoughts on “A huddle of electronic modules

  1. Parts seem too unrelated to be a specific project. Are you on a mission ti increase Nuttx’s driver repository? If so it would seem to help make Nuttx more attractive to for projects that now use Arduino.

  2. Hi Acassis, can you make a video about how to use ds18b20 on stm32f4-disco with nuttx rtos?I have some problem to use 1-wire protocol sensor, hope I can get you help.

    1. Hi NiiJyeni, thank you for your comment. In fact the 1-wire video tutorial is on my list. What issues are you facing? Feel free to contact me: acassis _at_ gmail _dot_ com.

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