NuttX now supports LVGL

If you follow my blog you know my previous post was about LVGL. Today I want to announce that LVGL was ported to run on NuttX.

Gábor Kiss-Vámosi the author of LVGL ported it to run on top of NuttX, using NuttX’s framebuffer support.

It is in early stage, it needs more integration to support touchscreen, mouse, keyboard and maybe even audio subsystem integration, but it was the first step!

A picture is worth a thousand words:

2 thoughts on “NuttX now supports LVGL

  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to build lvgl demo for the stm32f429i-disc1 board. I’ve configured NuttX using the lvgl defconfig (tools/ stm32f429i-disco/lvgl). However when the board starts, nothing happens even when launching the lvgldemo (black screen, only backlight). It seems that the touchscreen is working. Is there some specific configuration or changes to make lgvl work on this board?


    1. Hi Federico,
      It was working correctly last time I tested it. But happened too many modifications on STM32 LTDC recently, maybe something damage it. I suggest you to post about it at NuttX Google mailing list about it. Please explain all the steps you are following and what the messages you see in the terminal when running the application. BR, Alan

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