Testing RedBoard Duo board

Today I received my RedBoard Duo board! This board can communicate with the Particle.io cloud and in fact it came with its firmware.

The board is just a little bit bigger than Particle Photon board. I missed a label near the SETUP and RESET button, it could make our life easier!

I started with the “Duo: Out-of-Box Experience” reading:


It suggest to install the DuoApp, then I did it:

$ adb install DuoApp_0.2.0.apk

After installing I didn’t find it in the Android application (I was expecting a RED BEAR), then I decided to list all installed applications using this command:

$ adb shell 'pm list packages -f'

Ok, it listed many packages, including the package:


Then I started it manually:

$ adb shell monkey -p net.redbear.redbearduo -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1

The application expects you are connected to WiFi of your RedBear board (i.e. Duo-xxxx) then it scans for you router WiFi and ask your password. Finally it configures your RedBear automatically and connects it to Particle cloud, the LED starts glowing in Cyan. If configuration over WiFi fails you can enable the Bluetooth and it will try to configure it using BLE.

When the configuration is done it will show some informations, like the IP that RedBear got from your WiFi router. You can access this IP in the browser to turn-on or turn-off the Blue LED of your board.

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