Studying English: Tips to improve your pronounce

English is the lingua franca of the Internet and of the global business, then you need to speak it.

You can improve your pronounce using these tips:

1) Start with VOA (Voice Of America) Special English:

In this site you will find many audios of news where the speakers will read it slowly. Also you can get the scripts to follow the news.

2) Listen and sing to the musics and its lyrics. Listening and singing is a nice way to your brain understand how the words are linked together and how to speak it more naturally. In the real life “an architect” is pronounced more like “anarchitect”.

3) Use the site Youglish ( to help you to discover videos with some words that you are looking for.

4) Improve your pronounce with ex-President Barack Obama. Yes that is right, Barack Obama is a good reference as an English speaker and you can find thousands of his weekly speaks at . Then you should record your audio speaking the script at same time as you listen the Barack Obama audio. Then use Audacity to compare the audios and to discover each words we need to improve.

Note: some Weekly Address only have the video, you can download the video from youtube using the programa youtube-dl and you can extract the audio using FFMpeg, i.e: $ ffmpeg -i 20170107\ Weekly\ Address\ HD-7G5kMmnAp_8.mp4 -q:a 0 -map a 20170107_Weekly_Address.mp3

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