SDCC went from worst STM8 compiler to best in a very short time

I never used STM8 but I’m impressed with this achievement of SDCC compiler.

The ST marketing materials put STM8 Dhrystone performance at 0.29 DMIPS / Mhz.

Commercial compilers as Raisonance achieves 0.289 DMIPS / Mhz, Cosmic achieves 0.296 DMIPS / Mhz and IAR achieves 0.347 DMIPS / Mhz. See benchmark comparison here:

SDCC 3.5.0 achieves 0.151 DMIPS / Mhz and SDCC 3.6.0 achieve 0.167 DMIPS / Mhz.

Now the SDCC in the repository (Revision #9652) outperforms them all at 0.355 DMIPS / Mhz.

If you want to use STM8 on Linux, these links could be useful:

Source: Philipp Klaus Krause email in the SDCC mailing list “STM8 Dhrystone performance – new record at 0.355 DMIPS / Mhz using SDCC”.

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