How to copy a schematic block in the KiCAD

KiCAD is a very nice EDA software, but it try to avoid copying blocks from a schematic to another (from different projects in this case).

Don’t worry! There is a way to you do that:

1) Select the block you want to copy;
2) Using the right mouse button select: "Save Block";
3) Insert a Hierarchical Sheet: menu Place -> Hierarchical Sheet;
4) Choose a "File name" for new sheet and click OK;
5) Press ESC and double click over the Hierarchical Sheet block;
6) Past (Ctrl+V) the saved block in this new sheet, save and close;
7) Open the other schematic where you want to include this block and import it:
   File -> Import Schematic Sheet Content

It might be easier, but KiCAD folks want to avoid users to mess.

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