How to workaround about KiCAD IO_ERROR: BUILD_GITHUB_PLUGIN not enabled

KiCAD is a nice EDA software, but unfortunately the Debian package has some issues, as you can see here:

Then you can fix it this way:

Get the script used to download the KiCAD components libraries/footprints:

$ wget

Execute it:

$ chmod a+x
$ ./ --install-or-update

It will download the components libraries to ~/kicad_sources/library-repos

Now edit your ~/.config/kicad/fp-lib-table and replace “(type Github)” by “(type KiCad)” and replace also “${KIGITHUB}” by “~/kicad_sources/library-repos”

Start-up KiCAD, now it will find all components correctly!

Also you need to add the library path to Eeschema use:
1) In the Schematic Editor (Eeschema) go: Preferences -> Component Libraries
2) In “User defined search path” click on Add and put (/home/your_user_name/kicad_sources/library-repos/kicad-library/library/)
3) Click OK

Done! Use KiCAD to create your projects.

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