Use the dark side Luke (aka “resistance is futile”)

Today I received my HP LaserJet P1102w printer and decided to install it on Linux.
Using the USB cable was a piece of cake! I just ran “hp-setup -i” and it was done.

The WiFi configuration was a completely different history… The printer comes with an Install CD, but don’t expect it to have Linux support. Don’t be fool, don’t expect it from Hewlett-Packard (it is easy to forget your origin when you became rich!).

Searching in the internet forum I discovered all I need to do was to press the WiFi button and it will enable the Ad-Hoc mode. Then I should to press and hold the cancel (x) button until it prints the configuration information, including Ad-Hoc SSID. Ok I did it and received it: “Direct Print Name (SSID) = HP-Print-3D-LaserJet 1102”.

But unfortunately Debian Linux failed to connect to this Ad-Hoc network. It doesn’t appear in the wireless list, then I don’t know whether it as hidden or disabled. I tried to connect using many options, from command like using iw/ip tools, passing to wpa_supplicant to NetworkManager, nothing worked.

Then I decide to test running HpSetup.exe using Wine, but it didn’t work!

After spending more than two hours of my life to get it done, “I surrendered!!!”

Let use the dark side of force! I decided to test it on the free for test Win7 image offered by Microsoft (as explained here in portuguese:

Initially I was trying to figure-out how to instruct VirtualBox to use my physical CD/DVD driver to let Win7 to run HpSetup.exe, but then I realised it could be easy to use an ISO image working as CD disk:

$ sudo dd if=/dev/sr0 of=hpinstall.iso bs=4k

Then I plugged the print’ USB cable to my Debian box and enabled the VirtualBox to use it. Then initialized Win7 and ran HpSetup.exe configuration to connect to my Wireless Router. I spent less then 5 minutes to get it done!

Next time I will avoid buying a printer from HP or any other company that doesn’t support Linux. But how to find a company with good support for Linux?

Update: I just confirmed that Direct Print Ad-hoc networking doesn’t enable the HTTP server for printer configuration. Probably it was enabled in the past, but HP changed it for security reasons.

To install the Linux driver:

$ hp-setup -i

2 thoughts on “Use the dark side Luke (aka “resistance is futile”)

  1. Your experience is why I now only buy Brother printers. Brother is Linux friendly, providing drivers and set up bash scripts for their printers. I have two Brother printers and every feature works with Linux.

  2. Hi celem,
    thank you very much!
    I didn’t know Brother printers are Linux friendly.
    Nice to know! My next printer will be Brother so!

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