Hiding the blinking cursor of video console

I’m customizing a Linux distro to boot with a logo in full-screen.
So far so good, except the Linux video logo insist to show “boot-logo bigger than screen size” when using an 800×600 image with 800×600 resolution.

If I use a 800×600 image with 1024×768 resolution it work, but it is not full screen, because the logo background that I want to use is not black.
Even more interesting is if I use a 640×480 image with 640×480 resolution it works:

Note the blink cursor at upper left corner when the system is initializing.
Fortunately some one already found a way to fix it.
I just need to edit the linux/drivers/tty/vt/vt.c line 1640 replacing:

vc->vc_deccm		= global_cursor_default;
vc->vc_deccm            = 0;

In the kernel command line I’m passing:

console=null vga=785 quiet

Also in the autologin user ~/.xinitrc I put the command to run the application!

Source: http://www.arm9board.net/wiki/index.php?title=Create_your_own_boot_logo

3 thoughts on “Hiding the blinking cursor of video console

    1. Hi Sergio,
      Thank you for this suggestion.
      In fact disabling the framebuffer console solves the issue.
      But something I need to remove the “console=null” from kernel cmdline to do maintenance, then I return the blink cursor using /sys/…

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