Testing MPU-9250 in the NuttX shell using the i2c command

NuttX is fantastic, just like Linux is… except you cannot run Linux in a fast way in small microcontroller.

From NuttX shell (NSH) I could test if MPU-9250 is working, just reading the WHOAMI (0x75) register:

nsh> i2c get -a 68 -r 75
READ Bus: 1 Addr: 68 Subaddr: 75 Value: 71

NuttX is wonderful!!! (Kudos to Gregory Nutt)

2 thoughts on “Testing MPU-9250 in the NuttX shell using the i2c command

  1. Thanks for the Nuttx updates. I worked with it on one project and need to get back to Nuttx. On well, so many cool things but so little time.

  2. Hi Celem,
    Nice to know you are working with NuttX \o/

    Yes, in fact it is difficult to find time to contribute back, but I force myself to do it.

    All drivers I develop I send to NuttX mainline. I think it always could be useful for other people.

    Did you see the Zero Cross driver I sent to mainline? There is a demonstration of it controlling a bulb lamp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1cbamGhUIc
    BR, Alan

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