Day: July 19, 2015

Sigrok and a “cheap” Saleae clone can save your life (I meant your time)

An affordable, inexpensive and “cheap” Saleae clone could save your day (really).

You could find it for less than U$ 10:

I was implementing a NuttX driver for BMP180 over I2C, but was failing to get it working and it was difficult to discover what was going on.

I decided to test my cheap Saleae clone for the first time. The Sigrok tool installation from source code is explained here:

Then compared my driver command:


against Adrafruit BMP085/BMP180 commands:


Imediately I noticed I forgot to write the register address that I need to read before issuing the read command.

Just an I2C_WRITE before a I2C_READ fixed the issue!

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Update: You need to copy the firmware to Sigrok work:

cp fx2lafw-saleae-logic.fw /usr/local/share/sigrok-firmware/fx2lafw-saleae-logic.fw

I got the firmware from sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw-bin-0.1.3.tar.gz