Cloning NuttX repositories

The NuttX RTOS is moving from SourceForge to BitBucket, during this move Greg Nutt created some separated repositories for NuttX kernel, applications and other submodules.

You can see the steps to clone NuttX repositories in the README page:

Basically all you need to do is this:

$ mkdir nuttx
$ cd nuttx
$ git clone nuttx
$ git clone apps
$ cd nuttx
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Now you can compile your “board” and your “config”:

$ cd tools
$ ./ "<board/config>"

Replace "<board/config>", example:
  $ ./ stm32f4discovery/usbnsh

$ cd ..
$ make oldconfig
$ make menuconfig
$ make

To keep your local repository updated execute:

$ git submodule foreach git pull

That’s all!!!

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