Day: June 18, 2015

Listing of projects devoted to IoT

There are many open-source “Deus-ex” solution for IoT (a flashion name), then I decided to list some of these projects here:

AllJoyn (an AllSeen Alliance framework):

Arduino – the King of hobbyist IoT (without Internet) :

Blynk – to create Android and iOS User Interfaces:

Contiki – The Open Source OS for the Internet of Things (they are biased):

Freeboard – A Web Dashboard for IoT visualization:

IoTSyS – Internet of Things integration middleware:

IoTivity – IoT Communication Framework, it uses CoAP protocol

JerryScript – It is a JavaScript engine for IoT:

Kosmos – A Temboo platform for IoT

LiteOS – It appears Huawei is using it for their 10Kb RTOS:

Mbed OS (from ARM):


MongooseOS – an IoT firmware development framework

Mosquitto MQTT Brokwer:

Node-Red A visual tool for wiring the Internet of Things:

NuttX – The best RTOS for IoT (sorry I’m biased) :

Particle – Open Software/Hardware for IoT:

PushOver for notification:

Qeo communication framework:

RIOT-OS – The friendly OS for IoT:


Soletta Project is a framework for making (Linux)IoT devices (Stalled since 2018):

Splunk – Visualize servers and device log data

TagoIO – it is a Cloud IoT platform to display dashboard data from sensors


ThingSpeak – A open and free platform to store and visualize sensor data online:

The Thing System:

Tinq is a software framework for device data exchange (based on Qeo) :


Ubidots is IoT platform to submit data from sensors, etc

V7 (formely mJS) is a JavaScript engine for microcontrollers:

VIPER – Python for IoT:

I am sure it is missing more some thousand of open-source projects. Give me a hint!

More info: