Reinstalling CyanogenMod 10 on Xperia S

First I installed the Clock Work Mod (CWM), it was easy I just follow this page:

$ adb reboot bootloader

$ sudo -s

# fastboot flash boot S_DooMLoRD_AdvStkKernel_FW-96_v3.elf

sending 'boot' (9244 KB)...
(bootloader) USB download speed was 36833kB/s
OKAY [  0.272s]
writing 'boot'...
(bootloader) Flash of partition 'boot' requested
(bootloader) S1 partID 0x00000003, block 0x00002000-0x0000bfff
(bootloader) Erase operation complete, 0 bad blocks encountered
(bootloader) Flashing...
(bootloader) Flash operation complete
OKAY [  1.831s]
finished. total time: 2.104s

Then I restarted the phone keep pressing VOLUME_UP to enter on CWM recovery mode.
In CWM menu I cleared data/cache (factory reset) and installed these files:

Update: I use rVoix calling recorder program and this is the configuration that worked for my Xperia S:
Android version: 4.1.2
Kernel version: 3.0.58-FXP+ (Sat Jan 19 23:15:35 EET 2013)
CyanogenMod version: 10-20130119-UNOFFICIAL-nozomi
Version Number:
cm_nozomi-userdebug 4.1.2 JZO54K eng.
root.20130119.230737 test-keys
This is rVoix version I’m using: rvoix_mod_kaefert_v2.apk !
A strange thing I noticed: rVoix doesn’t work the first time I run it, after restarting the Android the rvoix service starts but the icon doesn’t appear in the notification area and the audio format selected (MP3/AMR) is ignored and it always save only WAV files.

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