A Fast and Small alternative to JSON

If your application needs to transfer data over Internet using some mobile device connected to GSM network, then using JSON or other text serializer is not a good solution. It is better to use a binary serializer.

Searching for alternatives I found MessagePack: http://msgpack.org

There are other alternatives like Google’s BufferProtocol, but it is not so efficient as MessagePack.

You can find a listing with many alternatives in the wikipedia:

3 thoughts on “A Fast and Small alternative to JSON

  1. Alan I even didn’t know what is MessagePack or JSON for… When should I use it? To transfer data between a PC and a smartphone? Sorry for my ignorance! Best regards Antonio Carlos

    1. Hi Antonio, JSON is a way your mobile application could transfer data to your server. Normally these data refer to variables/parameters that your application needs to report to your server. It uses text to code these variables, i.e.: {“compact”:true,”schema”:0}. MessagePack and others binary serializer encodes the protocol in a binary way to reduces data size.

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