Tips to do home-made PCB boards

This is a listing of many sites with nice tips about how to do your PCB board:

This link show how to create a PCB board with industrial-like quality:

Tips for toner transfer method for PCB home manufacturing:

Many useful tips, from good PCB design suggestion to etching material to use:

Direct PCB printing:

Another site about Direct PCB printing:

3 thoughts on “Tips to do home-made PCB boards

  1. Thanks for gathering up the links. I have done photo and toner transfer PCBs – most recently the toner transfer method. I use a Brother brand printer and its toner melts at a higher temperature than most, which makes it a bit challenging. I also found out, the hard way, that I had to use Brother brand toner because the cheaper no-name toner contains fuser oil which prevents good adhesion on the PCB material.

  2. Hi Celem,
    Currently I’m using photo process, it was challenging as well initially, but now it is very easy and stable. Instead of using UV ink I use photoresist dry-film, the result is similar to first link above. The process is like this: but instead of printing many plastic transparencies and put them overlaid, I just print only one using a very dark toner printer (HP LaserJet 1200) and put it into a box with Thinner vapour. Then after 30 minutes the solvent vapour melt the toner particles and it become completely dark. Using Samsung printer or other not really dark toner printer doesn’t work.

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