Day: July 4, 2014

Hacking Sharp PG-F212X projector to ignore burnout bulb

I decided to modify a projector to become a UV exposure unit to sensibilize a photo PCB (photo-resist coated PCB).

Then I bought a Sharp PG-F212X projector with burnout bulb in the MercadoLivre (“Brazilian’s eBay”). Then searched for projects replacing the bulb lamp with LEDs and found these pages:

Based on this page I realized that it is necessary to short-circuit the pins 3 and 4 of the opto-coupler to force the projector to think the bulb is fine. This tip is for projector InFocus LP600. Then I decided to search for the Service Manual of Sharp projector. I found it here:

Analyzing the schematic in the service manual I discovered that the opto-coupler should be that D7715 at page 63, because it was responsable by the N-LIGHT signal.

After removing the projector’s top cover I noticed it was possible to short-circuit the pins 3 and 4 of D7715 without disassembling anything more. Then I just used the iron solder to melt solder there and short-circuit it:


Then after powering on the projector the Lamp indicator turned green indicating that the lamp was working fine. Now the next step will be adapting a UV LED module as light source!