Listing all functions name from a project

I was trying to list all functions from a C language project, initially trying with cscope. But I found this post: and decided to do it other way.

Lets assume all functions will be something like bla(…), bla_bla(…), bla(_bla)^N, etc.
Then list all lines with this standard:

$ egrep "*[A-Z,a-z,0-1]\(" * > functions.txt

After openning functions.txt I noticed this standard:
file.c: bla…()

Now let us remove “file.c:” using cut command:

cat functions.txt | cut -d: -f2- > functions_nofiles.txt

My initial idea was just remove any text after “(” from this file, but it will not work because casting (i.e. (int) charfunction(); ).

Then I decided to break all lines with empty space, it will remove the casting complexity:

cat functions_nofiles.txt | tr " " "\n" > functions_perlines.txt

Now I just need to remove all lines that doesn’t have “(” :

cat functions_perlines.txt | grep "(" > functions.txt

We need to get only the function name, then of copy name before “(” :

cat functions.txt | cut -d\( -f-1 > realfunctions.txt

After doing it I noticed some *bla, *)bla, !bla, &bla then I just used text editor to replace it.

Finally used sort and uniq command to get a file will all functions.

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