Flashed Cyanogen back to my phone

It is strange, before installing Android KitKat (4.4.2) on my Xperia S I was using CyanogenMod (not sure about exact version should be CM9.1 stable or CM10 experimental) and it was working great.

Some issues I faced using native (AOSP) KitKat:

– Volume Up/Down keys doesn’t wake up the system;
– The toggle LED flashlight and the toggle Mobile data doesn’t apper in the Notification drawer;
– The dial icon doesn’t start with a numeric keypad like in CM;
– Voice recorder software doesn’t work, it doesn’t record any audio.

Then today I decided to return to CyanogenMod, then I notice there are already these files on my interface /sdcard partition:


Then I decided to install these files using ClockWorkMod recovery that was already flashed on my phone.

Then when I noticed that after pressing the Power button the system doesn’t start. Well, the FreeXperia logo appears and then the screen becomes dark. I noticed that if I plug the charger then it started the charging screen and when pressing the Power button now Android starts correctly.

I searched for an option on Android Setup to make VolUp/VolDown wake up the screen, but nothing appears, at least the button used on Xperia S to take pictures is able to wake up. I’m worried about wake-up because some friends one mine who used to have Nexus 1 phone faced some issues with “wear” of switch power button, then I prefer to have other options and avoid forcing only the same button all the time.

I double checked the files inside /system/usr/keylayout/ and it was correctly (114 VOLUME_DOWN and 115 VOLUME_UP should wake up the system).

Then I installed rvoix_mod_kaefert_v2.apk but it doesn’t record voice callings. I can’t recall what I did in the past to get it working…

Normally I also document everything, but I forgot to document what CyanogenMod version I installed last time and what I modified to get everything working correctly.

Update: Link for the FreeXperia: http://fxpblog.co/qualcomm-scorpion-family/sony-xperia-s/

Update 2: The issue of using Volume keys to wake up Android and the buttons at Notification drawer were just a configuration on Android . To enable Volume keys to wake-up go to: Settings -> Display -> Volume rocker wake (Pressing the volume rocker up/down will wake the device). To show the LED flashlight and Mobile data control icons at Notification Drawer go to: Settings -> Notification drawer -> Widget buttons and activate “Toggle LED flashlight” and “Toggle Mobile data”.

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