3D reconstruction from pictures

This guy created a big 3D Scanner using 39 “Raspi” boards: http://www.instructables.com/id/Multiple-Raspberry-PI-3D-Scanner/

He was very smart on this design because all 39 boards take a picture at same time then he doesn’t get nonalignment issues. But unfortunately there is a flaw: he depends on online services like Autodesk Recap Photo to convert these photos to a 3D model.

Maybe you didn’t realize what the flaw is: Easy, Recap service could become paid or autodesk could shutdown this services without caring about orphans users.

Then searching for alternatives I found Insight3D: http://insight3d.sourceforge.net

This software could eventually be used to replace Recap Photo and could do it offline, not depending on external services to convert your photos to 3D objects.


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