Day: November 29, 2013

Issues with MakerBot Replicator2X

I’m facing a strange issue with our Replicator2X, then I decide to make a video to show it:

Other guy faced an issue even worst on Replicator 2:

My conclusion is MakerBot Replicator has many issues that needs to be fixed in the new versions.

Our company bought a Makerbot Replicator 2X that damaged its X axis in the first working week. It was a very intensive usage, but it damaged in less than 100 hour of use. I suspect they didn’t validate it well.

I fixed that issue following the suggestion from this guy:

I *should* have bought an Ultimaker printer instead of a Makerbot. The Makerbot parasites the open-source and don’t contribute nothing back. The Ultimaker in the other hand contributes to open-source development and created Cura, the best and easy to use software to slice and control your printer.

Case you are looking for a 3D printer, please consider Ultimaker instead of Makerbot Replicator printer! This is my warning for you!