Day: November 27, 2013

Overview of my experience with Makerbot Replicator 2X

Currently I’m working with the Makerbot Replicator 2X 3D printer and I want to share my experience with other people.

The initial configuration is easy. Just open the box, remove some plastic fixtures, connect the tubes where filament will pass thru and put the filament in the holder. Then turn on the machine and execute the start-up setup. This process will ask you to align the platform relative to two extruders. It is a little bit boring and need to be well done.

Then just use MakeWare to open your 3D object and print it. MakeWare is too easy to use, but there is not advanced features like Slic3r, Cura and other slicers softwares.

Bad things about Replicator 2X: after few hours printing (about 60h) the printer starts to print the objects in a messy way. This is strange because I oiled the gears after 50h printing. I noticed the horizontal belt (X axis) was a little bit loosened. The I tighten the motor connected to this belt and then it started to print again.

Conclusion: the printer and software are easy to use, but it needs some maintenance to stay working after few usage days. This printer was purchased by the company for which I am developing a product. Case you are planing to buy this printer, please consider Ultimaker 2 as an alternative, just my 2 cents.

Update: this above problem was already found and fixed by this guy: Bad news: you need to replace the cable which controls X axis.