Using the PCB photoresist APPELATION JH-1609

I bought this PCB photoresist from eBay:

Then I started searching about this product and found a nice site explaining how to replace the banana oil by lacquer thinner to dissolve the photoresist ink:

Unfortunately this ebay package doesn’t came with the ‘developer’ powder, I’ll need to discover what this is chemical powder. Any help is welcome…

3 thoughts on “Using the PCB photoresist APPELATION JH-1609

  1. Alan I accidently got some of this “developer” on my finger and stuck my finger in my mouth. Stupid, I know, but it tasted strongly of Tide laundry detergent. It kinda makes sense. I haven’t tried tide yet but if you look at the developer its a fine powder which even looks like laundry detergent.

  2. Hi Wesley,
    Thank you very much for this tip.
    I also tested using gasoline and it works.
    I think any hydrophobic liquid (organic solvent or detergent) will work.

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