Month: March 2013

Changing FRDM-KL25Z board’s firmware to become CMSIS-DAP compatible

So you got a Freescale FRDM board? Nice, but unfortunately it comes with bad firmware which doesn’t work on Linux:

Fortunately Freescale/P&EMicro fixed the issue, as reported by this user:

Now you can just drag & drop files to it on Linux to get it running new firmware.

But if you are planning a more advanced/serious work with debugging and something like that, you need to upgrade its bootloader to CMSIS-DAP compatible:

Basically all you need to do is download the firmware (APNT_232.ZIP) from Keil, unplug USB from FRDM board, hold RESET button, plug USB again and when green LED start to blink release RESET button. Your computer will mount a BOOTLOADER label disk, then just copy CMSIS-DAP.S19 file to there, wait a little bit (30s up to 1min is ok), unplug and plug USB again the green LED will turn green and turn off after few seconds.

All done, you have a FRDM with CMSIS-DAP support on Linux, it will be compatible with future OpenOCD version and with Crossworks IDE which has support to Windows, Linux and Mac.

Voce sabe soldar corretamente?

Saber soldar componentes eletronicos e’ uma arte que voce so’ aprende com muita pratica e paciencia.

Nao tem segredo, e’ so’ fazer.

Mas e se alguem escrevesse as coisas basicas que estamos acostumados a fazer intuitivamente? Pois foi exatamente isto que o Gareth Branwyn do StreetTech fez, documentou as dicas basicas para voce aprender a soldar direito:

Ele prefere usar o sugador de solda, eu prefiro a malha de solda (wick), mas e’ como ele disse: cada um tem sua preferencia, teste as duas opçoes e escolha a que voce melhor se adaptar.