Day: March 17, 2013

Changing FRDM-KL25Z board’s firmware to become CMSIS-DAP compatible

So you got a Freescale FRDM board? Nice, but unfortunately it comes with bad firmware which doesn’t work on Linux:

Fortunately Freescale/P&EMicro fixed the issue, as reported by this user:

Now you can just drag & drop files to it on Linux to get it running new firmware.

But if you are planning a more advanced/serious work with debugging and something like that, you need to upgrade its bootloader to CMSIS-DAP compatible:

Basically all you need to do is download the firmware (APNT_232.ZIP) from Keil, unplug USB from FRDM board, hold RESET button, plug USB again and when green LED start to blink release RESET button. Your computer will mount a BOOTLOADER label disk, then just copy CMSIS-DAP.S19 file to there, wait a little bit (30s up to 1min is ok), unplug and plug USB again the green LED will turn green and turn off after few seconds.

All done, you have a FRDM with CMSIS-DAP support on Linux, it will be compatible with future OpenOCD version and with Crossworks IDE which has support to Windows, Linux and Mac.