U-Boot of VStarCAM H6837WI fails to transfer file bigger than 3MB

If you try to transfer files bigger than 3MB using ymodem protocol on H6837WI it will fail.

Then we should to divide our big file (4MB) in 2 chunk files of 2MB each:

$ dd if=mtd3_RootFS_noreboot.img of=mtd3_RootFS_noreboot_part1.img bs=1k count=2048
2048+0 registros de entrada
2048+0 registros de saída
2097152 bytes (2,1 MB) copiados, 0,0111315 s, 188 MB/s

$ dd if=mtd3_RootFS_noreboot.img of=mtd3_RootFS_noreboot_part2.img bs=1k skip=2048
2000+0 registros de entrada
2000+0 registros de saída
2048000 bytes (2,0 MB) copiados, 0,0146331 s, 140 MB/s

$ cat mtd3_RootFS_noreboot_part1.img mtd3_RootFS_noreboot_part2.img > mtd3_RootFS_noreboot_rebuild.img

$ cmp mtd3_RootFS_noreboot.img mtd3_RootFS_noreboot_rebuild.img 

If cmp command returned nothing than original and reconstructed file are equals (good)!


2 thoughts on “U-Boot of VStarCAM H6837WI fails to transfer file bigger than 3MB

  1. Hey
    I’ve got many issues with this model.
    the biggest one is with snmp on port 25.
    I’ve other cameras and I’ve configured on them to send an email using snmp port 25 of a mailbox and they work.
    This model doesn’t work on port snmp/25 but only on 465 with TLS auth and to do that I must create another mailbox that only works with this auth….
    do you also have a good firmware for this camera to suggest me?

  2. Hi Cristiano,
    I think it is possible to compile a new sendmail version with support to send email using port 25. But using port 25 is deprecated, many email servers are abolishing it. I can help you doing it, please contact me directly: acassis _AT_ gmail _DOT_ com

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