Updating and Repacking Camera Filesystem

My camera was failing to start-up video streamer (daemon and encoder was failing to run), but fortunately NickE noticed I was using init=/sbin/init instead of init=/init (this is a script to setup PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH).

Now I’m debugging to discover what daemon and encoder are doing, but it is very difficult to debug, because they call reboot command every time it notices the camera is not working correctly.

Then I decide to remove reboot command from root file system, then it will not reboot during my debug tests.

This is the way I did:

# mkdir /tmp/rootfs
# mkdir /tmp/ipcam
# mount -t cramfs -n mtd3_RootFS.img /tmp/rootfs
# cp -a /tmp/rootfs/* /tmp/ipcam/
==> Do your modifications on rootfs <==
# mkcramfs /tmp/ipcam mtd3_RootFS_new.img

You could also use cramfsck with -x parameter to extract cramfs as NickE suggested me.