Day: December 14, 2012

Solomon SSD1935 Datasheet

I contacted Solomon Systech asking for datasheet of SSD1935.

It is amazing, Solomon sent me the file very fast. Thank you very much Solomon Systech!

Because this datasheet doesn’t have Confidencial notification I will share it here:

Unfortunately this “datasheet” is not an real datasheet, you will not see registers addresses and so on there.

Now, let us to compare it with i.MX51 processor from Freescale. You can download the datasheet (reference manual) directly from company web site, just need to log-in, and it very complete with more than 4000 pages.

I suggested to Solomon Systech to be more open and to follow other companies example, like Freescale, Texas Instruments and Marvel which are more open and contribute more with open source projects.