Day: November 29, 2012

Linux kernel source code for Solomon Systech SSD1935

As you know, based on previous posts, I’m hacking a VStarcam H6837WI IP Camera.

Then I start searching for source code of kernel for this camera, but didn’t find it. Then I discovered this camera is using the chip SSD1935 from Solomon Systech.

I have been browsing for all places on Internet searching for the kernel to this chip, but with no success. So I decide search for similar chip, first SSD1936… no way, then I searched for SSD1933 and found this post at Rockbox:

There I got the pot of gold posted by TEAC for their WAP R8900:

Now I created a repository at github to let other people to get it easily:

Some driver are compiled separated from ssd1935 kernel, then I will include it there to simplify kernel compilation.