Hacking IP Cameras

I started hacking my camera VStarcam H6837WI after I discovered it is running Linux:


Unfortunately my camera came without telnet support on it, but fortunately this camera let you to do firmware’s downgrade, then I did it and got telnet working! \o/

After connecting using telnet I did a dump of flash content (/dev/mtd) to SD Card using “dd” command existent on it.

So I started to search for other people hacking IP Cameras and found this nice post:

All these cameras clones are using Linux but nobody released its source code, exception to few companies:


4 thoughts on “Hacking IP Cameras

  1. Hi acassis. I have 2 vstarcams bricked in a firmware upgrade. I can telnet to camera and enter hilinux. I have very little linux knowledge, but is it possibly to flash a new firmware using telnet. I have tried vstarcams firmware upgrade tool but it can’t connect to camera

    1. Hi Martin,
      If your cameras are boot to Linux, probably the firmware update support still working, you just need to find the right firmware to use on your board. You will need to learn more about Linux to get it done. This is the kind of knowledge that will be useful for many other devices, so it is not waste of time. Also you will find many tips here in my blog, but unfortunately I don’t work with these camera firmware for a long time. I was doing it just for fun.

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