Please Google make Android development a really Community Developed Open Source Project

This week we hear about Google could be violating GPL license, then I cannot do without talk about it.

Despite the fact Android be an opensource project, it is not ruled by opensource standard as the Linux kernel. Android was/is developed behind closed doors and the android-contrib mailing list is there just to say “Google wants external contribution”. Removing all existent open-source project that Google used to create Android, I’m sure more than 99% of its code is exclusively developed in the closed door way.

Some people could say Google is developing this way to avoid Apple or Microsoft copying new technologies introduced on Android, but it is not true. Sooner or later they could implement these new features in their system. This is the natural way and this is how the things work.

Android is a really a great system, probably superior to iOS and WinMob, but it could improve if Google decide to develop it really as a Community Developed Free and Open Source Software (CODEFOSS).

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