SVox PicoTTS on Ubuntu 10.10

Finally SVox PicoTTS (from Android) is available on Ubuntu 10.10.

To install it execute:

$ sudo apt-get install libttspico-utils

To test execute it:

$ pico2wave -w /tmp/test.wav "Hello World"
$ aplay /tmp/test.wav

8 thoughts on “SVox PicoTTS on Ubuntu 10.10

    1. This seems still about picoTTS. My language is implemented as a separate TTS engine, not just a voice for picotts. So I have two options – the android engine or the SAPI5 engine. Both or which lack useful support for generic usagin under linux. A third and forth option is two use windows or android. Windows 7 (as the current platform proves to be hard to maintain and a little bit unstable). x86 builds of android on the other hand are even worse at the moment because there are only testing builds at the moment and not stable on the machine I’m trying to use… perhaps I can try a phone but anyways multitasking (having a couple of apps opened at the same time) on android is not very convenient (switching between them) as it is under linux/gnome and windows.

      So I am kinda stuck between suboptimal choices at the moment :/

  1. Hi avalon(Aleksandar),
    You have other alternatives for Linux, for example Festival and eSpeak, but I don’t know if it support you idiom (Russian I suppose). Searching for Festival for Russian I found the festvox-ru support, but I don’t know its quality. Normally it is worst than picoTTS engine.

    Also I think you can buy the SVOX Classic TTS at G. Play and use it with picoTTS, but I never did it, then I cannot guarantee it will work.

    1. No, it is Bulgarian and to my knowledge there are only two alternatives at the moment. One supported on android and SAPI5 and the other symbian and SAPI5… I guess I can try installing in android emulator and writing some bridge similar to the open-sapi project. Perhaps it will be easier than dealing with SAPI5 and wine-hq. But I’m not sure I’ll ever have time for such project.

  2. Hi, do you know by any chance how to change the speed in pico tts? I’ve been trying to find this for hours now, and I can’t find and config file or anything like that. please help

    1. Hi Nate,
      I don’t know how to chance the voice speed in picotts.

      Maybe you will need to modify in the source code directly. You could to compile a picotts lib for Android with debug code then you could track where in the source code Android touches to control the voice speed. BR, Alan

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