Testing Force Feedback Wheels on Linux

Definitely we don’t have good Linux race games with force feedback support. I don’t know who is the guilt: users, game companies, Linux distros companies, developers?

Until now only VDrift has force feedback support, but its graphics are very bad, even TORCS has better graphics. There is also Racer (racer.nl) with force feedback support and nearly professional graphics, but you cannot find a recent binary version to Linux, only Windows, they even suggest user to test it using Wine (oh my gosh).

So, lets compiling VDrift for Linux, after downloading from repository you need to use “scons” to compile it. After some compilation errors I updated glew to version 1.5.5 and everything worked.

To compile VDrift with FF support execute:

scons force_feedback=1

Then edit ~/.vdrift/VDrift.conf and add your steer wheel details (Logitech Momo in my case):

[ joystick ]
calibrated = false
ff_device = /dev/input/by-id/usb-Logitech_Logitech_MOMO_Racing-event-joystick
ff_gain = 3.608330
ff_invert = false
hgateshifter = false
two_hundred = false
type = wheel

It is not perfect, but it is all we have right now 😩

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