Day: February 12, 2010

Symbian open-sourced too late

Today my cell phone alarm didn’t work, it is strange because the alarm application used on Qtopia has two times to wake me up (6:30 AM and 7:00AM). Fortunately I woken up on time (7:05 AM) because the cars traffic noises near my home. 🙂

What is the relation between this first paragraph and the Symbian OS? Well, Symbian cell phone (mainly Nokia) are very reliable and normally you will wake up on time.

Besides Symbian reliability it is losing market share. Why? Mainly because Symbian is not fine tunned to use on Smartphones and doesn’t have nice features as Android and iPhone OS.

This week Nokia announced it has finally opened Symbian source code. It was a good news, but in fact it is not a great news, nobody started to sing-and-dance because this “Nokan-move”.