Creating a logo to Linux kernel

The boot logo format has changed for Linux 2.6.x-kernels, it is
now no longer necessary to use fblogo to include a custom
logo with the kernel.

Thanks to Harald Dunkel
for these instructions:

This is how to replace the fb logo for kernel 2.6.x:

– convert your favourite logo into ppm (ASCII), e.g.

cd /usr/share/doc/fblogo/examples/logo_300x80
pngtopnm debian.png | pnmtoplainpnm >debian224.ppm

– copy the ppm file into your kernel source tree, e.g.

cp -p debian224.ppm

– rebuild your kernel

It might be necessary to reduce the number of colors
depending on the target graphics card, e.g.

# pngtopnm debian.png >debian.pnm
# pnmcolormap 16 debian.pnm >colormap16.pnm
pnmcolormap: making histogram…
pnmcolormap: 133 colors found
pnmcolormap: choosing 16 colors…
# pnmremap -map=colormap16.pnm debian.pnm | pnmtoplainpnm >debian16.ppm
pnmremap: 16 colors found in colormap


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