Video Editor for Linux

Really many people are missing a good and easy to use video editor for Linux.
In fact Cinelerra is a professional video editor but its learning curve make novice users away.

Users needs a MS Movie Maker replacement to create simple videos with subtitle or transition text, but doing it on Cinelerra or even using the Blender video editor features is a pain.

Here is a listing of some video editor for Linux:

I think this is a great Move Maker replacement. You can add text directly on screen and have many video effects
To install on Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install openmovieeditor

This software is good to cutting and converting format, then it is not so useful for our main purpose.

Just like Avidemux it doesn’t support text edition to do subtitle or text transition.

Support many effects and appears easy to use. But I can’t find text support.

This is a great video editor, although it is a recent project it has great features. It doesn’t support text editing for now.