It is true, I bought a proprietary software

I never imagined buying a proprietary software, let alone a game. But a game called “World of Goo” have changed my concepts and because they did a good Linux port I decide to help them.

Normally I don’t like game, but if a game is very innovative and really challenger to play then I can change my mind. This was the case of “World of Goo”, this is a fantastic game.

I paid USD $20 for it, then they send me a link to download the Linux (tar.gz, deb, rpm), Windows and MacOSX versions. Theoretically I am paying for 5 games (5 different OS versions), but I am using just one (.deb).
Now I decided give the other versions for my friends, I think it completely legal, because I doesn’t use Windows neither MacOSX.

The Windows version already have a owner now. Someone here wants the MacOSX version?🙂