Day: May 4, 2008

Erro compilando OpenEmbedded

RDEPENDS_lftp’ while parsing /stuff/

Edit file and comments these lines:
# lftp

Configuring your card in YaST

After installing ndiswrapper, open the Yast Control Center (yast2) and go to the Network Devices tab on the left side. Then click on the Network Card icon. This will bring up the Network Setup Method wizard. Accept the “User Controlled with NetworkManager” default and click Next.

In the Network Card Configuration Overview, click on “Add”.

In the Manual Network Card Configuration, select “wireless” from the dropdown menu, leave everything else default and type in ndiswrapper in the module name box. Click on “Next”.

On the Network Address Setup, goto the general tab, and set the Firewall to “External Zone”. This may need some experimentation. Set Device Activation to Boot time (or Hot Plug). Click on “Next”.

On the next screen configure the settings for your network. I’ve found it’s best to leave the ESSID and encryption key fields empty and to let KDEWallet configure this, otherwise there may be conflicts. Most of the time, your Operating Mode will be set to “Managed”. Again, you may need to experiment a bit.